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Is there anything more iconic than a NYC yellow taxi?

Our Ford Crown Victoria spent the majority of its life in the USA

and now we have made it available to hire for your wedding.


This 4 passenger seat Ford Crown Victoria is guaranteed

to get everyone’s attention as you arrive at your wedding,

whilst providing brilliant photographic opportunities

as well as being a very rare, iconic vehicle.


We have chosen this car to join our fleet due to

the many links and love that we have to New York. 

Whether you’re a Titanic fanatic, or a big fan of Friends,

we can certainly pivot the car to right outside

your venue on your special day! 


This car was once commissioned by  ‘MAYBELLINE’

for one of their international television commercials,

not counting the numerous times that this exact vehicle

was used in many of the global films with 

some of the biggest stars sat in this very car for their shoots.


As with all of our packages, the travel schedule is flexible,

so if you have any further questions or enquires, please contact us.

NYC Yellow Taxi

  • We offer our vehicles with a standard hire period and millage. Before booking we ask that you contact us with your date and collection details so we can confirm availability and if any additional fees will apply. 

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