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Our Showroom 

Keyhole, 47A Dinas Lane, 

Liverpool, L36 2NL 

Tel. 0151 708 7077


Opening Hours

Monday - Closed 

Tues-Thurs - 9am-4pm 

Friday - Closed 

Saturday: 9am - 4pm

Sunday: Closed

Have Questions? 

  • How Long Is The Hire Period?
    We are flexible with our hire periods, although they are based on a 4 hour period. This includes the time of departure from our showroom through to the time of return to the showroom. Generally for local weddings in Liverpool this is more than enough time, although during the booking process we tend to go through all the details, address etc to confirm.
  • Can We View The Cars Before Booking?
    Yes absolutely! We ask that you make an appointment with us and we will happily show you around all of the vehicles and explain what each has to offer. We also have a lot of photographs and videos of each of the vehicles, these can be useful to make a decision either before or after viewing the vehicles.
  • How Long In Advance Should I Book?
    We tend to get booked 12-18 months before a wedding day. That said we have also been book the night before a wedding. So we would advise whenever you are ready get in touch, check availability and decide which vehicle is best for you.
  • Can Pets Travel In The Vehicle's?
    Generally unfortunately not. The reason for this is the interior inside the vehicles is very expensive and can be easily damaged by animals.
  • How Many Journeys Will The Car Do?
    Generally speaking we are more than happy to do as many trips that are possible in the timeframe we have. We would suggest getting in touch so we can discuss how many passengers you have, the distance between pick up and drop off and travel time to the locations. From here we can calculate what would be possible and how many cars we would suggest. In some instances additional milage charges may apply if it goes above our standard 30mile radius, although this would always be stated and agreed before the wedding.
  • Can You Do My Childs Prom?
    Sorry we cant, we are licensed for weddings only. In order to do proms different insurance and licences are required.
  • What Happens If The Car Breaks Down?
    All of our vehicles are serviced and maintained to the highest standard. They undergo regular and routine maintenance plus weekly checks. That said they are machines, and like all other cars new and old, can develop problems with out any warning. It's rare to experience issues on the day of the hire and if it did occur we would do our best to find a solution based on the situation. If a problem is apparent before the hire date we would contact you and discuss all available options. I must stress though, it is very rare for this to happen.
  • Can I Drive The Vehicles Myself?
    Unfortunately not. All of our wedding cars are chauffeur driven and cant be driven by anyone other than our designated driver. Sorry!
  • Do You Travel Outside Of Liverpool?
    Yes! Our cars have been all over the country, although additional milage charges apply after 30miles.
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