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We are a family run business, with a passion for weddings cars! Starting with taking wedding photos, we have built our wedding car fleet to 11 vehicles. 

Thanks for visiting our wedding car web site!

Husband and wife Kris & Eug started the journey over 16 years ago photographing and filming weddings as Keyhole Studios.


Keyhole Motors was born in 2015 and our team is lead by family friend Ste and a small army of wedding car drivers. The three of us have been working together for over 16 years and are passionate about what we do. 

All of our wedding car drivers are mainly family and friends, all sharing the same passion, care and dedication to what we do! 

After photographing and filming wedding for many years, we thought we could improve the wedding car market. Offering classic vehicles with modern twists, a flexible service and detail at every stage.


We have had most of our vehicles custom built or modified, selecting body colour and trim to give the best possible wedding photos. Plus when we are photographing a wedding, it's useful to be able to track the vehicles, informing the bridal party/venue of estimated time of arrival. Further to this all our drivers are aware of the best positions the vehicles should be place in readiness for wedding photography.

So far its been going very well, we started with 2 wedding cars, since then we have bought our own showroom to house all the new additions and now have grown the fleet to 11 vehicles.

Thanks to Knowsley Hall for allowing us to use their incredible venue for the photoshoot for this web site. 

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