Who Drives Our Cars


During a conversation with a potential client a few days ago a question arose about who drives our wedding cars. So it seemed like a mental gift to write a blog all about who sits behind the wheel of our wedding cars.

If your reading this blog then no doubt you will know we also offer wedding photography and video services. The client I was speaking with was under the impression that her photographer would be driving the wedding car! A situation that maybe reminiscent of a scene you would expect Basil Faulty to be a part of perhaps!
Imperial Viscount Wedding Car Hire Liverpool
Let me assure you, if you book a wedding car through Keyhole Motors you get an experienced chauffeur to drive the vehicle. This may come as a disappointment to those who were planning to book our Aston Martin DB9 and give it a good thrashing! Unfortunately all of our cars are chauffeur driven, and we have a selection of mature drivers who will attend to all your requirements on the day.
That doesn’t mean that our photographers will never be seen behind the wheel! All of our team are insured to drive the vehicles (except the interns!). When it comes to shooting your car on the wedding day, it is much easier for the photographer to jump in and position the vehicle in the exact spot their creative eye dictates! That is much easier then trying to explain to a driver where and how you want it, believe me!
Aston Martin DB9
That said, there is another occasion you may want one of our photographers behind the wheel.
On multiple occasions the wedding car driver has swapped vehicles with the photographer to allow the wedding car to remain at the wedding venue up until the first dance. This has been for a number of different reasons. Sometimes it’s to show the vehicle off to your guests, other times it has allowed the photographer to drive the newly wed couple to a location for photographs after the sit down meal, and during the evening turn around.
 Jurassic Park Jeep
So other than that very practical option, you will never have a photographer taking your photos and driving you car!
Panic over!