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BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 series is the most luxurious BMW within their range. Offering a very comfortable ride and an elegant appearance.

This car can be used to transport the bride and groom, or the bridesmaids or both in separate journeys. It is also available for the transport of special guests at the wedding, grand parents, groomsmen etc.

There are 3 comfortable seats in the rear, plus a passenger seat in the front.

The car has a large boot, useful for any luggage that needs carrying between venues on the day.

Overall this is a very comfortable and modern wedding car, or an additional vehicle for transporting VIPs between locations on the wedding day.

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4 Passengers



The BMW 7 series wedding car is available to hire as a VIP shuttle carrying your key guests between locations, a modern wedding car for the bride and groom or a second or third vehicle for your bridesmaids or bridal party. If you are interested in booking our BMW 7 Series you are best firstly checking its availability by contacting us. The cost of the car depends if your wedding is in peak or off peak season. The details of these months are listed above.

Upon booking we take a £100 deposit. The remaining balance is then payable a week before your wedding once we hold our final meeting, confirming all of the collection and drop off points

We are very flexible with the hire of our vehicles, we don’t put any restrictions on the amount of journeys you do. However we will run through the timings with you to ensure there is enough time to do the requested trips.

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