My Dream Car


We hear it said on a regular basis, ‘oh that’s my dream car’ so I thought it would be a good idea to share with you our dream vehicles. I say vehicles because some simply aren’t cars, though I think they still make perfect sense to have on the Keyhole Motors fleet.

Ranking from 7 to 1 would be;

7. Mercedes Unimog.

Now a piece of machinery not many people will be familiar with, nor something you can walk into a Merc dealer and ask for, but this monstrous machine is used by the Army right the way through to farmers. I can see the Keyhole Unimog coming handy for any off road shoots we have, such as a wedding in a marquee. I would get it spec’d  with the box rear, using the vehicle as the perfect machine to transport  all of our camera paraphernalia


6. Dennis Sabre Fire Engine.

Since I was a child watching Londons Burning on a Sunday evening I have wanted one of these and I promise you it will be on my drive in the near future. This really would be handy to have around the studio, complete with full fire fighting kit what more could a busy production team require to assist them whilst making toast. Second to that I think its a pretty cool truck to have the Groom and his posse arrive in

5. BMW 8 Series


These are quickly rising in price and a car that even non car lovers can appreciate. The design still to this day is spectacular, sat on the tarmac it screams with attitude. An electric blue one for me please! I doubt this would make much financial sense from Keyhole Motors point of view, but jeeze its a cool car.

4. Honda NSX

A 1992ish RED Honda NSX, it has to be red. This car was designed with the help of Ayrton Senna. It’s a mid engined sports car and is truly a classic. Made at a time that the Formula 1 world champion was dominating the sport, in my eyes this vehicle catapults me back to the classic era of Formula 1 and lots of great memories

3. Infiniti FX Vettel edition

Sticking to the formula 1 theme here is another vehicle which has been tampered with by the influence of a great driver. I first drove this car when it launched, I was in Monaco driving it through the classic streets. Its a surprisingly underwhelming drive, but the looks, style but above all the experience and memories I have from this trip have always urged me to buy one of these rare cars. They only come in white so I guess it’s destined to be a wedding car……

2. Nissan GTR

When we bought the Aston Martin DB9 I actually went to the showroom to buy a GTR but the lurking nose of the DB9 seduced me. So this is the one that got away and has been on the hit list ever since. As such I feel a need to purchase this car. For reasons that are self explanatory this car is simply freaking awesome. It looks like a monster, the Japanese call it Godzilla, it drives like it’s trying to kill you, I love it. Black, black wheels, red callipers, SOLD

1. Rolls Royce Phantom

Getting dropped off at the Opera in the 7 series is getting a little tiresome. Our BMW is a lovely car but this car, a Rolls Royce is the epiphany of what a car should be. It’s perfect – all around. The only one major flaw with this car is the cost. If anyone has a spare £300,000 let me know and we will shoot your wedding for free in return.