How I Ended Up In The Back Of A Police Car


I have a passion for cars, I love them! The idea of a machine being so finely controlled by a driver, the smell of burning fuel, burning rubber and leather.
As you may know if you are a Keyhole Motors follower, we established the company given our commercial work we do in the automotive industry and the experience and knowledge we have of the wedding world.
We have a selection of vehicles available from Sports cars, classic vintage cars, themed vehicles and luxury saloons.
Imperial Viscount
Alongside these vehicles we have two Mercedes vans which are used for lugging all of the photography and film equipment about. However, a few weeks ago a situation arose whereby both the commercial vehicles were out on jobs and i needed a car to carry 4 passengers to a race track for a corporate film shoot.
So the decision had to be made – should I take the luxury seven seater Daimler DS420 which is used by the Royal Family, so surely its good enough for a handful of Keyhole film makers….
The spacious Range Rover Autobiography…. The 1920’s style Imperial bridal car…. The BMW 7 series….
You can imagine the situation i was in! What a dilemma!
Since I was traveling quite a distance I decided against any vintage vehicles and opted for the car that gives me the most pleasure to drive from our entire fleet!
The BMW 7 series.
 BMW 7 Series
Granted the BMW isn’t the most aesthetically impressive car we have, but the comfort and driving experience is second to none. I would even go as far to say the overall experience as a driver is greater than that of the Aston Martin DB9.
So the car sailed all way to Rocking Speed Way and this is where the story gets interesting!
Lined up for us to film are a range of brand new Police Cars. A tactical response transit van, complete with riot shields and other equipment. A rapid response Volvo, and some other less interesting patrol vehicles.
So the work begins, driving flat out around the famous oval.
We managed to get all of the footage the client required and ticked off one of the items on my bucket list, driving a police car.
That left the track available for a further 10-15miuntes, so I made the decision to get the 7 series from the car park and enter the track.
You need to understand, I did this for you, the readers of the Keyhole Motors Blog! How your potential wedding car handles around a race track should be your utmost important question when booking your wedding transport…
I have to say, the big heavy BMW did quite well! Not as much fun as the lighter rapid response Volvo, but well enough to leave a massive smile on my face all the way to Liverpool.
There we have it, the answer to a question that was probably burning into your mind, thinking about booking your wedding cars!