Donald Trumps New Car!


It’s a given that all of us here at Keyhole Motors are motoring nuts. So if your reading this then i imagine you have already read an article on Donald Trumps new presidential car.

There aren’t many cars you know you will never have access to, but wheels belonging to the President of The United States are more than likely out of bounds….

That got me thinking, would an ex presidential vehicle make a good wedding car? They do have some cool features that could be adapted;

– I believe there is a state of the art satellite phone in the back that is connected directly to the pentagon. Now i am sure we would be able to adapt this to connect to the mother in law and best man. How handy would this be when either Bride or Groom are running a little behind schedule on the big day!

– The rear seats four passengers, with a remote operated glass partition plus a panic button. Now, there are things i have heard driving our wedding cars that i would rather have not, so this glass partition sounds good. Plus if the bride or groom change their mind on route to the church, hit the panic button and the brakes will be applied. Perfect!

– The front bumper is fitted with night vision cameras plus tear gas canons. I can see a really easy fix for the tear gas, we will swap that menacing gas out for some confetti cannons, whilst the night vision will be staying so i can have some fun when the night falls!

– The bodywork is made of Military grade steel, aluminium, titanium and ceramics to withstand massive forces from projectiles. I have seen it many times when the wedding photographer is shooting the bride and groom with the car and their camera swings from their shoulder, colliding with the wedding cars body work and usually causing a slight scuff. If the bullets from an AK47 bounce of this presidential car, then i am guessing a dozy photographers camera will too!
Of course a car like this is no good without a highly trained secret service driver. So all Keyhole Motors drivers will have to go on a military driving course, learning how to J turn the car mid motion and how to do doughnuts in a car park!


So now that clarifies that, when Donald Trump leaves his position (whenever that may be) we will be emailing the White House immediately to put an offer in on his car.

If your interested in booking this vehicle for your wedding, get in touch and we will put a pencil hold on your date.