A Blow Out on the M6


We get requests for our cars all over the country and as i type this blog the Aston Martin is en route to Surrey for a wedding tomorrow morning.

I have just got back from Scotland with the Jurassic Park Jeep and I thought i would share the experience with you.

A lovely couple got married in Kilconquhar Castle, Scotland and wanted our rare Jurassic Park Jeep to be part of their day. Of course we obliged and set the wheels in motion to get the vehicle up north.

As you can imagine it isn’t as simple as just driving the JP Jeep the 300ish miles to Scotland. This is a rare and vintage vehicle that is used to being garaged, wrapped up and cleaned daily. So a 600 mile trip at 70mph wouldn’t go down well with the safari styled Jeep.

We transport all of our vehicles for such trips on a car transporter or trailer. Since i was driving i opted for our Mercedes Vito complete with flatbed trailer for the epic journey.

The day began quite normally, setting off the day before the wedding to stay overnight in a hotel to ensure an early arrive the following day.

This leg of the journey went swimmingly and the drive up to Scotland is very attractive with some stunning views. The castle was lovely, a photographers dream, backdrops with so much colour their images will be incredible.

Once the job was done and dusted the Jeep was loaded back onto the trailer and off we went. Mid way home on the M6 one of the 4 tyres on the trailer blew out traveling at 60mph. Not the best situation to be in with the 1.5 ton Jeep Wrangler sat on top of it.

All was well though, we made a hurried stop on the hard shoulder and as quickly as those Red Bull Formula 1 mechanics change four tyres, we were on our way back home. (That may be a slight exaggeration, it may have taken circa 1hr to get the damaged wheel off and the new one on….)

So there we have it, you have learned two things – we take our vehicles all over the country and secondly I can change a tyre in under 1 hour!